EXXODUS Card Game history: Work on the game system started in 2003, first playable alpha prototype was ready at the beginning of 2004 (with simple black and white stick-men artwork). First versions of rules were further refined, and some preliminary sketches of internet online play system were outlined in Visual Studio (with further development of the idea in mind). After some months of tweaking (2005), work on online version was postponed.

In 2005-6 the card version of game was thorougly tested with various numbers of players. Also the game world and artwork was refined. At the beginning of 2007, card decks with updated artwork was created. 2007-8 rule book was further refined (beta1.0), and finally in 2009 electronic version of full rulebook was created (beta 1.1).

Goals of development were as follows:

1. To create "non-tradeable", easily manufacturable space strategy card game system, with relatively small number of cards. The game should be playable with 2+ players. The game should offer vast range of playing options. The game should be playable on tournaments. The game should be transferable to computer game, if needed. The game should be set in completely original game universe (considering space opera limitations).

2. To have fun with developing and playing the game...

EXXODUS unLIMITED Edition is free, user friendly Print&Play game! This means, you can download it, print it, cut it out, play it and have fun for free!

EXXODUS unLIMITED Edition Copyright and TOS: You may create as many copies of EXXODUS unLIMITED card game for your pleasure and play as needed. You may not sell the game, or use the original game artwork, design and characters, unless approved by original copyright holder. The game is distributed as-is, game developer won´t be responsible for any damage taken. Do not run with scissors!

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