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EXXODUS is an original space strategy card game for 2-4 players, inspired by board games, classic cards, RPG games and strategy and trade games in general.
This is the game for armchair commanders!

EXXODUS Game story: Somewhere in the time-space continuum... Higly technologicaly advanced civilisation awakens from cyberspace slumber... Their solar system is endangered by huge gas planet Nemesis becoming a their third star... Whole system needs to be evacuated... After a millenium of stagnation, hyperparticle engine is reinvented and interstellar exodus begins... New oligarchy have arisen... And battle for resources begins...

In EXXODUS card game you can: Colonize planets, build spaceships, trade with commodities, battle with fleets, develop technologies and much more! And yet you can stay unplugged all the time!

EXXODUS unLIMITED Edition is free, user friendly Print&Play game! This means, you can download it, print it, cut it out, play it - and have fun for free!

To play the game, you will need only:

  • 1. Download and print EXXODUS cards on A3 printer
  • 2. Cut it out
  • 3. Find some tokens (any small coins will do, you will need around 60+, depending on number of players) or download prepared token file from Download page, and read the rulebook (you will also find online version on Questions page... )

Have a good time playing the game!

Exxodus Card Game Picture

EXXODUS unLIMITED Edition Copyright and TOS: You may create as many copies of EXXODUS unLIMITED card game for your pleasure and play as needed. You may not sell the game, or use the original game artwork, design and characters, unless approved by original copyright holder. The game is distributed as-is, game developer won´t be responsible for any damage taken. Do not run with scissors!

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