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Questions and Answers:

Q: How much time does one game take?
A: One game is designed for 45-80 minutes, depending on number of players. See rulebook for tournament rules.

Q: Is this game hard to learn ?
A: This game is quite a complex, but game rules are easy to learn . You may however consider to put some notes on paper during your first games, especially when some cards modifying global strength of cards are in effect.

Q: Do i need some special equipment to play the game, f.i. boards, dices, miniatures or software to play the game?
A: Actually, no. To play the game, you will need only:
1. Download and print EXXODUS cards on A3 printer
2. Cut it out (with scissors or cardboard opener and ruler)
3. Find some tokens (f. i. any small coins will do, you will need around 60+, depending on number of players - prepared optional token page for printing will be added to download page).

Q: I downloaded the .pdf file. How many copies I should print for game to play smoothly? There seems to be three pages in this .pdf...
A: Please use this recommended page count table as a guideline:

  • page 1 (planets, leaders) - print 1x
  • page 2 (ships) - print 1-2x
  • page 3 (technology, missions) print 1x

Q: Is it possible to license the game for selling in my eshop?
A: We are offering exclusive and non-exclusive licenses for our products. Feel free to contact us
with any questions about licensing options.

EXXODUS unLIMITED Edition is free, user friendly Print&Play game! This means, you can download it, print it, cut it out, play it - and have fun for free!

EXXODUS unLIMITED Edition Copyright and TOS: You may create as many copies of EXXODUS unLIMITED card game for your pleasure and play as needed. You may not sell the game, or use the original game artwork, design and characters, unless approved by original copyright holder. The game is distributed as-is, game developer won´t be responsible for any damage taken. Do not run with scissors!

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